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Pat Scales Remodeling was formerly Honest and Trustworthy Handyman (HTH). HTH was started in 2006. During start-up, Pat was also working as a full-time professional in the marketing research field. He provided handyman services, as his creative outlet, on weekends to family, friends and their referrals. He always envisioned that he would someday own his own company. When the company he worked for downsized, he knew it was time to make his dream a reality. He seized the opportunity to open his own business, Honest and Trustworthy Handyman, and put his natural ability and passion for home improvement into action by offering his services full-time to clients.

During the summer of 2011, HTH began to grow at an amazing rate. Pat, evaluating the business, realized it was time to re-prioritize and add an individual to manage the administrative side of the company. He wanted to ensure that he provided the customer service that his clients deserved and decided it was time to hire someone to run the office. Pat wanted to keep the business in the family, so his wife, Katie, resigned from her HR position to work full-time in the office.

As Honest and Trustworthy Handyman evolved, Pat truly found his niche in the remodeling side of the business. For this reason, he felt they needed a name that further reflected his commitment to his clients and the work he and his team perform. In 2012, the name was updated to Pat Scales Remodeling. Pat stakes his claim on providing his clients with the best workmanship around, and now puts his own name on that work. Pat, Katie, their daughter Ella and son Holden reside in Worthington. Pat's goal is for his children to take over the company, creating a family business for years to come.