This master bath remodel was extra special because it was for Jim and Patti Rowlette.  Patti mentored Pat when he was first starting out.  She played an integral part in how Pat Scales Remodeling came to be.  She met with Pat at Panera when he was in the process of switching the company focus from handyman to remodeling.  During the meeting, Pat shared the business name he picked out for this shift in focus.  Patti recommended not to go with the name he picked out.  She encouraged him to put his name behind his work, and that's how Pat Scales Remodeling was born.  Fun fact - PSR also happens to be Patti's initials.  Patti, thank you for being one of PSR's biggest cheerleaders and supporters.  We are so thankful for you and your entrepreneurial expertise that helped set Pat on the right path so many years ago.TType your paragraph here.

Master Bath Remodel

​Approximately $35,000 

Master Bath Remodel in Grandview

Approximately $30,000

Master Bath Remodel in Upper Arlington Approximately $28,000

Master Bath Remodel 

Approximately $35,000

Add Bathroom to 2nd Story Cape Cod

Approximately $40,000

Master Bath, Master Bedroom and Hall Bathroom Remodel

​Approximately $85,000 

Pat Scales Remodeling

Master Bath Remodel in Worthington

Approximately $28,000

Master Bath and 2nd Floor Remodel

​Approximately $100,000 

Bathroom remodels​

Master Bath Remodel in Powell

Approximately $35,000

Specializing in residential and commercial remodeling

Master and Hall Bath Remodels in Worthington Hills

​Approximately $35,000 for Both Bathrooms